Why Following Slimming World ISN’T Going To Help ?

Don’t get me wrong, Slimming World does a great job and helps 1000’s of people each year lose the weight

Then a few months later, they have to head back to slimming world to start all over again. This can become a vicious circle for the simple reason…


Food isn’t something you can reward yourself or punish yourself with


Food in the wrong hands can lead to BAD SITUATIONS

We have people that work with us who have spent years struggling with disordered eating

We have people that work with us who have in the past used food as a comfort blanket

We have people who’s relationship with food is out of control

So being told you can have unlimited this….

Or you can only have 5 points of that…


Yes it will give them a quick fix but they will still have a bad relationship with food

So I bet you’re wondering, how can a small online “Over 30’s” fitness company be any better

Well, it all starts with knowing our clients. We are not open to everyone.

If you are under 30, want to get massive and muscly, or just take pictures in the mirror…. we are not for you

If you have a busy life, with work, family, kids, and everything else in between and aren’t so keen on going to a gym, or just has no idea of what to do…then we are for you

As for what we do, we share a few very simple formulas that allow you to eat your favourite food AND GET RESULTS ?

Want to know more? Then come join us: www.fitfab30.com

David 🙂

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