Tips for Motivation

1) Set Fitness Goals – Be Specific! ?‍♀️
Aim to complete a running event or to lose two inches from your waist. BUT, be realistic!

2) Create a Plan ?️
This will give you a daily goal, even if that is sometimes just telling you to rest. A structured plan will always increase your motivation and your chance of success.

3) Don’t Overtrain – it can demotivate you ❌
It’s tempting to really launch yourself at the gym, but if you do, there’s a real risk you will quickly become disinterested or injure yourself. Follow a structured, realistic routine.

4) Record Your Progress ?
Keeping a training schedule, logbook or diary/blog of your exercise. This will keep you focused on the task in hand and keep you motivated.

5) Go Shopping For New Gym Gear ?
Treat yourself. It’s such good motivation when you feel great in your exercise gear to maintain motivation and performance.

6) Have A Treat ?
Having a particular food or drink treat once a week is a good idea.

How Was Your Bank Holiday?

 So, its bank holiday Monday and I'm sure a few of you have sore heads and bellies full of chocolate. BUT, that is okay. It is so important that we let go of our diet plans and learn that we can enjoy ourselves from time to time. This time spent with family or...

Home Workout

  Happy Saturday Guys! ? Each Move - 1 minute, 20-second rest in between Alternating Step-Ups High Knees Burpees Side Step Squats Jumping Jacks Alternating Step-Ups Give this a go and let us know how you get on ? If you want access to online workouts nutrition...

Why us?

 'Me time... for a whole 45 mins I get to think about me and what I am doing for me. My husband has just joined and in the 18 years we have been together we have not enjoyed exercising this much ever. So much more energy - love it !' Enough said!   The...

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