Those bloody tasty Yorkshire puddings

Merry Christmas first of all to everybody celebrating

Hope Santa was kind 🎅

Now let’s talk about Yorkshire puddings

Because if you like Yorkshire puddings like I do

Then you could easily eat 3-4

Thing is Yorkshire puddings are Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates for short is CHO

Most of the tasty food we all love are basically CHO

Bread, Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, Fizzy Drinks, Sweets & Crips

Even most vegetables are high in CHO

So how on earth are we suppose to lose weight if EVERYTHING has CHO in them??

Well we show all our AMAZING members a super simple formula

Using MyFitnessPal

Set the CHO Macros to 50% for the day

Then the aims is to be 50% or less for the day

Clients that hit these numbers on a daily basis


Ready to make 2019 the year?

Then join us for a 30 day trial?

David 🙂

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