The Problem With Cheat Meals

1. “Cheating” is a negative word

The idea of cheating on your diet could lead to a negative relationship with food. 

2. The purpose of having a cheat meal or day for many, is to eat what you want guilt free. 

However, many people still feel guilty. 

3. Its not the right way to get these benefits.

The reason its a cheat day is because you’re straying from a restricted diet and this is the biggest problem of all. 

If you are categorising food groups as either good or bad and then removing specific groups a person enjoys eating from your diet based on the being ‘bad’ this is not a realistic way of living. 

This does not mean than cheating doesnt provide benefits. However, its important to make your diet successful in both short and long-term.

Instead, make the foods you would usually consider cheating a small and regular part of your healthy diet.

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