Probably going to wait until after Christmas…

There is 6 days to go until the craziest day of the year is here

So much to do

Almost no time to do anything else 😓

Would be a silly time to join an online program right??


We had a lady join us the other day who was telling us about this situation

That she was working full time, chasing the kids around, getting them ready for the Christmas plays

Doing Christmas shopping and the works Christmas party 💃

But the voice in the back of her head was telling her that this year will be like all the other years

She gains around 6lbs each Christmas 😱

🖐 This year things have to be different 🖐

Because she can’t go into January already on the back foot

So here was her plan…

To squeeze just 2 online workouts a week in between her busy life

2 workouts at around 400+ calories each

That 800+ calories burned extra that will help her try to maintain this Christmas

Then start the new year on fire 🔥

As she has built up some sort of fitness level 🙌

Why she needs to start now???

A wedding she is invited to in mid-May 💪

You in?

David 🙂

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