Did you know this about wine?

In our member’s area, we record 30-second quick tips videos

A few days later, you will see them on our Facebook Page too

The other day I recorded one about wine…..

Now what I am going to tell you may be a little shocking

Especially if you are a big wine drinker


So an AVERAGE bottle of wine has around 650 calories

That is just less than half a day’s average calories for a few of our members

In fact, there are a few of our members who would drink 2, 3 even 5 bottles of wine a week

2-3 bottle a week is more than a total number of calories you need for 1 day ?

As always we have a few tricks just for you ?

Tip 1: Try cutting back your wine to just 1-2 bottles a week

Tip 2: Find really low-calorie wines

Tip 3: Adjust your calories to allow for the bottle of wine

This is exactly what we try and help our clients with

Not RESTRICTING them from having the things they love

Not punishing them for having it

But finding simple ways that they can still have these things they love and still get results

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David 🙂

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