Calorie Calculator

Weight loss, weight gain, and toning up all come down to one main thing

Getting your calories right ✅

Calories are without a doubt the reason the weight has crept on over the years, and calories, will also is the simplest and quickest way to getting the weight off 🙌

Notice I am saying CALORIES & not FOOD

Food isn’t the reason for the position you are in today, it is down to CALORIES

So what we get our AMAZING “Over 30’s” clients to do is simple…

We get them to use this exact Calorie Calculator to work out their daily calories, then times that number by 7 to work out their weeks worth of calories

Now they have this much bigger number, it makes it much easier to hit the target required and given them room to have days out with the family, and days they need to be really strict to stay on point

Not to mention allowing them to have the odd glass of wine or a takeaway 😉

Now it’s your turn, use the Calorie Calculator below and work out your 7-day number

Stick to it for a few weeks, and you too could be getting AMAZING results like our clients do

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